The story of Stella’s BOAS surgery

It’s been a pretty crazy week for us, because this was finally the week where Stella got admitted for her BOAS (Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome) surgery. It’s been a bit of a saga, we’ve been waiting to sort this since she was denied her spay back in September because of her condition. We wanted to

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Hey did you know? Frenchies have surprise back issues

So last week we were just lazing around the flat one evening when we noticed Stella wasn’t quite herself. She was being quiet and mopey, so we started to fuss a little and noticed that she was also bloated and a little shaky. We’d also realised she hadn’t pooped a lot on that particular day,

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Getting Stella spayed

So Stella was booked in to be spayed earlier in the week. We’d waited until after her heat cycle and were pretty eager to get it done because we’d love to be able to send her to a local doggy daycare every once in a while. Terry took her and it turns out she couldn’t

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When we first got Stella there were some… Digestion issues. Her foster home had her on a diet of Morrison’s own brand dog food, and at first we started to ween her on to Harringtons (the food all our local stores stock). But on both diets she was suffering from an upset stomach and all

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