Tail.com review – saved Stella’s stanky booty

When we first got Stella there were some… Digestion issues. Her foster home had her on a diet of Morrison’s own brand dog food, and at first we started to ween her on to Harringtons (the food all our local stores stock). But on both diets she was suffering from an upset stomach and all the graphic side effects you’d expect from that.

Obviously we did the normal thing and went online to see if there was any advice we could find. Most of what we read ranged from the useless ‘This happens to all Frenchies’, to the ‘Get them a bunch of different dog foods with different ingredients and see how it goes’.

The pampered pooch approach

We spent a little time trying to make sure this wasn’t just a side effect of changing Stella’s diet from Morrison’s own brand to Harringtons, when it became clear the food just wasn’t working out, with her being our brand new baby I went for the only logical solution I felt reasonable at the time: I made her home made dog food.

Yup, every day for almost a month we worked on changing her diet again to a fresh meal of chicken mince, brown rice, carrots, peas and spinach. We steadily put it in with our remaining Harrintons until she was fully on fresh food like us.

This felt like a solution, her digestion improved. We basically believed at this point that Stella just needed fresh food making to not have a horrible farty bum. It wasn’t perfect though, she had good and bad days which didn’t seem to really have a pattern, I guess it would have came down to my own human error in measuring inconsistent portions of her ingredients.

Giving Tails.com a go

I’d heard of Tails.com before, I think they have TV adverts, so it was somewhere in the back of my mind. We initially didn’t even consider a dog food subscription service because surely it was a ridiculous price.

But at this point the dog was eating a more balanced diet of human food than we were, so why not give it a go? It couldn’t cost that much more than this right?

When you first sign up to Tails.com it takes you through a survey process. It’s not a long one – just a few questions about your dog’s breed, size, exercise levels and any requirements from the food.

Stella was a little underweight when we got her, so we ticked her as a slightly underweight frenchie and under her foods needs we ticked ‘healthy teeth’ and ‘healthy digestion’.

They also ask what food your pet is currently on so they can create a batch similar to what they like and are used to eating.

After filling out the survey we got our price. Only £20! £20 to feed Stella for a month on food tailored to her needs.

It sounds a little too good to be true, but honestly since having her on Tails.com her digestion has been so much more reasonable. I daren’t take her off it for a second. Surprisingly she also wolfs it down for dry kibble based food.

So.. Yeah! We totally rate Tails.com – our monthly subscription comes with a special portion control scoop and a free gift each month. Having it set up for a direct debit at the start of the month means dog food is just never something we need to think about anymore.

Wanna give it a go yourself? Click here to use our referral code and let me know how you get on! Hopefully you’ll be just as happy with it as we are.

Author: Kay

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